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in 5 min to the perfect picture

Learn how to install and use the free Lightroom mobile app on your phone (iOS and Android).


LIGHTROOM MOBILE is a very powerful image editing application on a professional level – FREE OF CHARGE!

Download it from your Appstore (iOS / Android) and get started!

The more than 600 different settings of the numerous sliders can be intimidating at first sight!

So that you can learn to use and love the app without frustration, here is a short introductory tutorial.


The basics can be set in the basic settings:

  • Exposure
  • Contrast
  • Lights
  • Depths
  • Point of reference
  • Black point

Try the sliders and get a feeling for your image


  • The gradation curves seem incomprehensible at first sight, but they belong to my absolute favourite settings. Experienced users can use the curves to make almost all image adjustments – from exposure to colorgrading.
  • RGB curve (white)
    • Left bottom – 100% black
    • Top right – 100% white
      all other brightness levels in between (altogether 255)
  • Red / Green / Blue – Channel
    • Similar to the RGB curve, the channels affect the colors and additionally consist of their respective complementary colors:
      • red – channel: red / cyan
      • Green – Channel: green / magenta
      • Blue – Channel: blue / yellow
  • Set as many anchor points as you like and give your picture a personal touch


  • Colour temperature / white balance
    • with these controls you can adjust the white balance, or give your image a very warm or cool look (blue-yellow).
  • Tinting
    • With this slider you remove a color cast from the image. If your image looks too red/magenta, move the slider towards green (and vice versa).
  • Saturation
    • This slider generally affects all color tones and should be used in small steps.
  • Dynamics
    • My personal favourite in the colour correction of portraits. The slider lets all colors shine a bit more, but spares the reds without making them too orange!


  • Texture
    • this slider affects the details in the image (skin pores, fine structures, etc.) You can use this slider to sharpen your image or to ‘smooth’ it
  • Clarity
    • Similar to texture, clarity has a slightly coarser effect on your image and gives your image a very rough look.
  • Haze / Dehaze
    • As the name suggests, this slider was introduced to make pale or misty images shine again. But I like to use it for my portraits (to the left for the dreamy look, to the right for more drama)

All three controls can also be used selectively (only in Lightroom Premium)

  • Vignette and grain size are self-explanatory 🙂


  • Sharpening
    • When sharpening, I recommend a radius of 0.6 or 0.7, as otherwise the image will appear somewhat coarse-grained. I usually leave the detail slider untouched. Masking helps to place the sharpening effect only in the desired places.
  • Noise Reduction
    • Depending on the picture, this controller should not be used excessively. Usually I don’t go higher than 20-30, otherwise the motif can appear too plastic and structures are lost. Adjust the details and contrast slider until you are satisfied with the result.
  • Color noise
    • This control does not offer me any significant advantages in everyday life, so you can use it or not – it is hardly noticeable in the result 🙂


You can save all the settings you have made for your picture and apply the uniform look to your other pictures.

I’ve spent several hours a day with Lightroom for years, creating filters for all kinds of situations. Often effects only become visible when certain settings are applied to each other. 

Feel free to be inspired by my work or just use the filters for your photos.


For the perfect preset settings I sometimes needed years. I gladly pass this advantage on to you.

Pro for Pro

Developed by professionals for professionals. My presets are all carefully developed and tested. Only the best make it into my shop.

Cross Software

I offer my presets as DNG, XMP and LUT. So they work for Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom Mobile. But at the same time also for programs like Affinity Photo.

Time is Money

Who has time today to make settings for each picture individually. Fortunately I have already invested this time for you. Take advantage of this advantage and download my presets today.


As DNG file on your mobile phone or XMP for WIN/MACMy presets deliver the best results on all platforms.



Installation and use are child’s play. Let me show you how.


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Presets are one part, the other is craft and this can be learned.

I have been taking photos for many years and have been working with social media photography since 2017.

Often I see talented photographers who publish wonderful results in social media, but without success, because the photographs lack the finishing touches in post production.

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